University units must maintain records for all transactions as described in SPG Section 604.1, Departmental Record Retention for Business and Financial Records. Completion of this form does not guarantee that Procurement Services will approve the request. Procurement Services provides support to the university community in the selection, acquisition, use and disposal of goods and services by: The procurement of goods and services is the responsibility of the Regents. Assist with the selection of other members of the Tender Evaluation Panel and identify voting members of the Tender Evaluation Panel. for high-value and/or high-risk procurements). If a supplier’s assistance is required to develop the bid specifications that supplier cannot submit a bid without approval of the Director of Procurement Services and all materials gathered or prepared must be shared with all potential bidders. Complete and sign a conflict of interest and confidentiality agreement declaring any actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest. Procurement to purchasing activities within the University includes ethical, compliance and financial obligations, as well as opportunities for financial savings, improved sustainability, service and quality. Minimizing risk exposure while maintaining flexibility in procurement activity. Suppliers and university units may request the creation, update or inactivation of a supplier record, and the Shared Services Center will work with them to determine whether such a change is appropriate. Splitting a transaction into smaller dollar amounts, delaying, staggering purchases, and using multiple staff members to purchase the same or related items to avoid the competitive bid process are serious policy violations. Section I: Definitions. If ordering from an Internal Service Provider, the university unit providing the good or service should be contacted for instructions on how to place the order. effective goods or employment and training services(s) 6) The competitive procurement approach has been attempted unsuccessfully 7) There is an emergency which requires an immediate contract for goods/services to prevent loss of property or serious detriment to goals or mission that could not be reasonably foreseen b. University Policy • 3.14, Business Expenses • 3.25, Procurement of Goods and Services University of Iowa Purchasing Purchasing Policy & Procedure Guide 1 Purchasing Department Mission Statement The mission of the University of Iowa Purchasing Department is to obtain quality goods and services at the lowest reasonable cost, while operating at the highest standards of ethical conduct. Ensure that all selected members have adequate technical, environmental and operational knowledge and background about the goods and/or services required to be able to provide meaningful input to the tender process. Verify the business appropriateness of each transaction. The SOP should, however, aim at reducing the overall procurement costs, and at ensuring the efficiency and reliability of the supply chain. Upon request, Procurement Services will assist university units with any of their responsibilities related to the competitive bid process. It establishes the directions that must be implemented relating to the procurement of goods and services by the University. Details regarding the policies governing petty cash are in SPG 507.02 Imprest Cash Fund. Procurement acquires the majority of goods and services through competitive solicitations. A formal statement or offer made in response to an invitation to supply specified goods or services, and which contains an estimated cost for the goods or service. Sustainable … Procurement of goods and services for the university must be conducted in an open and competitive environment to ensure that prices paid are fair and reasonable. Purchasing office products. Tender documents are published via an eTendering portal by an authorised Procurement representative and clarifications are managed through the portal. Streamlining processes and investing in new technologies to provide administrative efficiencies. Competition provides the greatest opportunity for the university to procure goods and services at the best value. Procurement is responsible for coordinating all procurement activity across the University, setting procurement policy and procedures and providing strategic sourcing support advice and tools to the University. Michigan Public Act 317 of 1968 prohibits university employees from soliciting, negotiating, renegotiating, approving or otherwise representing the university or the supplier affiliated with the university employee in transactions. In accordance with Michigan Public Act 317 of 1968, the university may not enter into a contract with any supplier affiliated with a university employee without first disclosing certain information to the Regents and receiving approval via a 2/3 vote of the Board of Regents. A check request is not appropriate. Article IX, Section 18 of the Michigan Constitution has been interpreted as strictly limiting the donation of university resources to any person or entity. Below is an outline of the appropriate steps to take each time a purchase is made. For strategic projects, a business case must also be developed and approved by the relevant authorised delegate. Similarly, the designated official must disclose in writing all actual or potential conflicts to Procurement Services Management. A standing purchase order can accommodate multiple invoices over an extended period of time. fairness, consistency and transparency of process, identification and resolution of conflicts of interest, accountability in relation to decision making, ensure conformity to processes designed to achieve value for money, ensure that all bids will be assessed against the same criteria, preserve public and participant confidence in Federation University processes, improve defensibility of decisions to potential legal challenge or other external scrutiny, better outcomes against stated objectives, improvements in organisational and attitudinal change, reassurance to the community and those wishing to do business with the University that the process and outcome can be trusted, provision of an objective and independent view on the probity of the process, how the contractor's performance will be monitored, what are the risks associated with the contract, how will the contract risks be managed during the course of the contract, reviewing and monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs), identifying high sustainability risk issues and improvements, reducing prices and increasing efficiency beyond traditional sourcing and category management efforts by setting up long-term relationships and communications, managing supplier risk and compliance by improving transparency and on key relationships through category management (Risk Management Procedures are located on the intranet), driving supplier performance in a transparent and sustainable manner with strategic suppliers, enabling continuous improvement of operations through long-term relationships with suppliers, allowing for the creation of a more effective and efficient contract management relationship, exploring business development and innovation opportunities. Institutional procurement of goods and services at Headquarters or at the IICA Delegations in the Member States must be conducted in keeping with the provisions of the present Manual. Procurement decisions are to be made in a transparent manner, which allows them to be understood and justified subsequently, and ensure that it is conducted in a transparent, honest, fair and competitive manner. Is the meeting of business needs for materials, goods, utilities and services in an environmentally-friendly, responsible and ethical way. This procedure is governed by its parent policy. Supply chain sustainability is integral to sustainable procurement. The list of rules that need to be followed while reviewing, ordering, obtaining, and paying for goods/services. effective procurement processes and for overseeing the procurement of all goods, services and works. It consists of collaborative and relationship-building activities targeted at the most strategic and critical supply partners. The Procurement of Goods and Services Procedure will be communicated throughout the University community in the form of: The Procurement of Goods and Services Procedure will be implemented throughout the University via: 2. Public Procurement in Ireland operates within a framework of legally binding European Directives and national regulations, policies and guidelines. Contract management planning should commence during the procurement planning stage and is to be reviewed and updated throughout the procurement process. Regardless of the uniqueness, every procurement management process consists of 3 Ps', namely Process, People, and Paperwork. Negotiations must be conducted in a fair and transparent manner. Goods and services will be procured by competition unless there are compelling reasons to the contrary. University employees may not tell outside parties the prices, terms, or conditions quoted by other suppliers. Purchases of $10,000 or more must follow the competitive bid process, as described in the Competitive Bid Process section below. Situations in which a supplier affiliated with a university employee is seeking a contract with the university to provide the same or similar services that the employee provides in his or her position as a university employee require special attention because of the high risk of a conflict. an Announcement Notice via FedNews website and on the ‘Recently Approved Documents’ page on the ‘Policies, Procedures and Forms @ the University’ website to alert the University-wide community of the approved Procedure; distribution of e-mails to Head of School / Head of Department / University staff; and/or. In such a case, university units must first contact Procurement Services to approve the purchase. 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For the avoidance of doubt, each of the following activities are still required to demonstrate value for money and require approval from the relevant authorised delegate(s): The Tender Evaluation Panel has the important role of determining which supplier is able to meet the selection criteria and provides the best Value for Money for the University. public procurement of goods and services, by discussing the steps that need to be taken to effect such procurement in the manner prescribed by R.A. 9184, otherwise known as the “Government Procurement Reform Act,” and its IRR-A. University staff engaging in any procurement activities are required to comply with this procedure and associated local business process. Ensuring that purchases are made in accordance with all applicable university bylaws, laws, regulations, codes and ordinances. The Tender Evaluation Panel generally nominate a shortlist, then a preferred supplier. Financial delegation in accordance with the. Guidance for help in choosing the appropriate address for receiving goods is available on the Procurement Services website. In cases where you will not select the lowest tender you will need to give full reasons. Purchasing activities include obligations for proper transaction documentation, fiscal responsibility, ethical behavior, adherence to federal and state government regulations, and compliance with university by-laws and policies. When purchasing with federal sponsored funds additional Uniform Guidance conflict of interest requirements apply. Department end users are not authorized to sign contracts; only those individuals given such authority in Table 1 – UM Business and Finance Authority Delegations may do so. The State spends approximately €8.5 billion on goods and services annually and it is essential that this money is spent in a way that achieves maximum value for money and a sustainable delivery of public services for the taxpayer. The specifications, performance standards and/or scope of work should be outlined. Contract Management requires establishment of mutually beneficial relationships with key suppliers and stakeholders (internal and external). A Supplier appointed as a result of policy compliant procurement process or in accordance with this policy and for which there is an agreement between the University and the Supplier to supply specified goods and/or services on agreed terms. Through further but more limited delegation of authority, detailed in SPG Section 601.24 Delegation of Authority to Bind the University to External Agreements on Business and Financial Matters, authorized department end users may commit funds on behalf of the university using a Purchase Order or purchasing card (PCard). Negotiations and contract departures are conducted by the staff nominated in the Procurement Plan. As part of their stewardship responsibilities, departmental end users are encouraged to compare prices between suppliers even when the purchase amount does not require a formal bidding procedure. Procurement's involvement in the solicitation process ensures responsive, reasonable, and fair offers. The main objective of procurement relationship management is to establish two-way, mutually beneficial relationships between procurement staff, suppliers and stakeholders. Purchasing goods and services from an outside vendor. It is generally good practice to price transactions and collect quotes from a variety of sources before selecting one. The Non-Purchase Order Voucher (Non-PO Voucher) is a method of payment to be used primarily for reimbursements for guests and students who are unable to utilize Concur and for other centrally-used functions. The chair of the Tender Panel produces a Procurement Report that is submitted to the relevant authorised delegate for approval as per per Delegations Bands – Value Limit table. Mandatory Criteria are to be assessed first, with any non-compliant submissions as agreed by the Tender Evaluation Panel eliminated. Only Procurement Services has the authority to negotiate and sign agreements. The first step in the purchasing process is to determine the need. Probity should be integrated into all procurement planning and should not be a separate consideration. Financial Services Hub staff are responsible for processing purchase requests and goods receipting, Invoice receipting, timely payment to suppliers and payment of direct invoices and accounts receivable. Purchasing: $49,999 and under 2. The Tender Evaluation Panel members must have adequate technical and operational knowledge and background about the goods and/or services required such that they are capable of providing meaningful input to the Tender process. Sets out guidelines and processes for the acquisition of goods and/or services. Procurement Services must pre-approve all communications with outside parties regarding potential or anticipated procurement-affiliated relationships. As a guide, the following factors should be considered at a minimum: Evaluation criteria and the respective weightings for use in a Tender Process are required to be approved in a Procurement Plan. The following processes are a guide to the minimum requirements for procurement of goods and services for the University. The Manager, Procurement has the authority to decide whether the complexity and sensitivity of a project may warrant the appointment of a probity auditor.In summary, procurement decisions are to be made in a transparent manner, which allows them to be understood and justified subsequently. When a vendor has access to this type of information, units must involve Procurement Services in the transaction. Informed by the specifications that the university unit provides, Procurement Services develops and issues a Request for Information (RFI), Request for Quotation (RFQ) or Request for Proposal (RFP) to solicit bids from suppliers. If either of these situations arise or if there are delivery or supplier performance issues, contact Accounts Payable before the payment terms expire to request a hold on payment. Non-PO Vouchers for $10,000 or more must have prior approval from Procurement Services. The purpose of this Policy and Procedure on Procurement of Goods and Services (hereafter “Policy”) is to establish a standard professional procurement policy and elaborate standard procedures to ensure that IUCN obtains value for money in all its procurement activities and that procurement is conducted in an efficient and cost effective manner that respects sustainability, the environment and ethical principles. Develop and forward the recommendations of the Tender Evaluation Panel into the Procurement Report and assist the relevant manager to prepare and submit the Procurement Report document for approval, having attached approved supporting documentation including evaluation and scoring matrices. When designed as described in SPG Section 500.01 Fiscal Responsibilities, financial controls provide reasonable assurance of the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, compliance with laws and regulations, and reliability of financial reporting. They bear the responsibility for payment of all taxes, superannuation and workcover. The university is not bound by and does not recognize as binding any promise or obligation made by an unauthorized person. If the request is procurement-related, the employee should notify Procurement Services of the request. GOODS AND SERVICES PROCUREMENT PROCEDURE . University employees with questions about whether a transaction constitutes a donation should direct questions to the University Controller. A person who violates this law is guilty of a misdemeanor. Procurement Services may establish a department-level contract if there is a purchasing need unique to a specific unit and either 1) the unit will be making repetitive purchases of a good and/or service from the same supplier over a period of time or 2) a contract is necessary to adequately define the goods and/or services to be provided. The objective of the SOP is to describe the complete process for procuring goods and services in the company, starting from the indenting stage to the receipt of the material/service, till … Comparative Criteria: these are assessed against a predefined weighting that is determined according to the complexity, risk and type of procurement. Visit the MConnect website for detailed information about how the university promotes supplier participation that reflects these values. Inventory carrying costs – interest charges on financial investment in inventory, insurance premiums for covering your inventory, storage costs, deterioration of items in inventory • KFS Purchasing, Overview SOP • KFS Purchasing, Overview tutorial • Line Item Receiving tutorial • Purchase Order training • Line Item Receiving training • Purchase Order Amendment training . Purchases using federal sponsored funds must be made in accordance with Uniform Guidance (2CFR 200): The Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards. It estimates the accumulated costs of acquiring, operating, maintaining and disposing or decommissioning procured goods or services. Confirm that all purchases were allowable and within budget and spending limits. University employees should not make purchasing decisions or otherwise influence the university’s decisions to do business with any supplier affiliated with the university employee, a relative of the university employee or any other individual who would be perceived as a potential conflict. Per Board of Regents Bylaws 3.07 (2) (d), the Regents have delegated procurement responsibility to the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, who in turn has delegated this function to Procurement Services. It contributes to sound procurement processes that accord equal opportunities for all participants. Procurement maintain access to, and provide assistance in the use of the eTendering portal. The PCard should not be used to make a purchase that will be reimbursed by an external party. Regental approval must be obtained before proceeding with the transaction. These items should be generic in nature to allow for sufficient competition in meeting them; they should neither reference nor be written specific to a particular brand, model or company. An official University corporate credit card available to University Staff members with a Financial Delegation. For details regarding procurement policies, please see Procurement Services website. It is the responsibility of the preparer and signing authority to confirm that vendor payments are in compliance with the University Procurement Procedure. As a result, Procurement Services is responsible for assisting university units in the procurement process and for overseeing all procurement activities. It is university practice to have suppliers’ direct shipments to either the location of the departmental end user or to an appropriate receiving point. Check that proper credits have been made. Select Tendering University employees should neither solicit nor accept money, loans, credits, entertainment, favors, services or gifts from current or prospective suppliers. 5.1 An Annual Procurement Plan shall set out the procuring entity’s procurement plans for the year including the types of goods, services or works that the procuring entity shall require. This module is intended to equip the trainee with knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to carry out procurement of goods, services and works efficiently and effectively. Procurement is the process of purchasing goods or services and is usually in reference to business spending. Process of acquiring goods on behalf of the University and the department established by the University and promote and oversee best practice processes for goods and services purchased by the University and ensure value for money. For information about how to request a Purchase Order, visit the Procurement Services website. Units must not create or attempt to create sole source situations through delay or other manipulation of the procurement process. The achievement of a desired procurement outcome at the best possible price (not necessarily the lowest price) based on a balanced judgement of financial and non-financial factors relevant to the procurement. For all goods, works and services worth more than £50,000 (excluding VAT), you must provide proof of competitive tendering procedures. Purchasing activities are conducted in central Procurement Services as well as by academic and administrative departmental employees. Assess the responses according to the requirements and the value for money proposition. Environmental issues cover all environmental impacts of goods and services from cradle to grave including: reducing the number of goods and/or services purchased; minimising energy, water and materials; recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and reusable components; minimal packaging, maintenance, waste, emissions, chemicals and transportation; and environmentally responsible disposal. Must not accept any inducement, gift or hospitality from a tenderer that might compromise the integrity of the selection process. the supplier should be contacted immediately. University employees who receive Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests should contact the university’s FOIA Office. These suppliers provide goods and services with favorable terms for pricing, delivery and other factors and thus are the preferred source for purchasing goods or services from external entities. Listed below are the steps in the purchasing process: use an alternative to an Contracted Supplier or a Panel of Contracted Suppliers, use an alternative to the Threshold Value requirements, use a Sole Supplier (Exceptions may exist when an Individual/Sole Trader is engaged), the Contracted Supplier or Panel of Contracted Suppliers cannot supply the goods and/or services required, demonstrated unique technical requirements with only one Sole Supplier in the market, standardisation of existing goods or services, time-critical events that have been caused by unforeseen circumstances, other exceptional circumstances based on business necessity as assessed by Procurement, third-party payments that the University novates the procurement to another entity under contract. Any supplier that doesn't meet these must be disqualified. Care must be taken to avoid the intent and appearance of unethical practice in relationships, actions and communications. Purchasing is a small subset of the broader procurement function. This process includes activities like ordering, expediting, receiving, and fulfilling payment. Procurement Services will assist the cardholder in determining if another procurement method is more appropriate. Your proof should be a report on the tenders you have received, together with your decision on which to accept. University’s Procurement of Goods and Services Procedure. Assist in addressing tenderer queries for response via the eTendering tool, if required. The value to be applied on the anticipated total expenditure, accumulated over the total term of the contract, in Australian Dollars and exclusive of GST. A procurement policy helps to ensure that the University can buy efficiently and obtain value for money from its suppliers. Note that purchases of $10,000 or more must also follow the competitive bid process, as described in the Competitive Bid Process section below.
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