Totally worth the money, and also Tfue uses this keyboard soooooo I dont know. Shout out Mk for the great KB!!! The manual will tell you how on page 29 all the colors and the backlightning. Thanks Ducky. NOT ONLY THAT, BUT UPDATE IT CORRECTLY BEFORE WHINING AND THEN RMAing IT BACK ONLY TO HAVE IT HAPPEN AGAIN. PROS: I got the cherry Mx reds and they feel great. Taking off one star for the delivery, the keyboard itself is one of the best ive used. This keyboard made me realize what quality really is in a keyboard and I thank ducky and mechanical keyboard for that experience very much. Ducky brand was founded in 2008 with the intent of delivering high-quality mechanical keyboards to users. Free shipping. The key board is AMAZING. I'm keeping the brown and silver, I really liked the silver, they feel slightly lighter then other silvers I tried, I even modded the springs on a Corsair Rapidfire to be lighter, and this ducky feels great out of the box. Ducky One 2 Mini \ cena interneta veikalos, atrastas preces ar nosaukumu 'Ducky One 2 Mini \' Jaunums: Pārtikas piegāde uz mājām no 64 tirgotājiem - Uzzini, ko piegādā tavā pilsētā Cena no It's amazing, I love it! This was my first 60% keyboard and I love it. One con is that it would be cool to have software as well to further the ability to change the lighting modes, but I%u2019m in the ducky discord server and that is supposedly coming soon. Absolutely amazing keyboard - for the first 3 months or so. It is capable of doing everything you want that would be on a full sized board, and can even do macros. People who are complaining about shipping and back-ordering need to get a life not really mechanicalkeyboards fault for ducky not being able to produce the demand. Really fast delivery, even though I'm over seas! By far one of the best keyboards i have used. It has a very slight rattle, but it's almost unnoticeable. Typing this on the One 2 Mini. I hate full- tkl keyboards 60% keyboard what really I like. Ducky is the world leader in professional mechanical keyboard and PBT material keycaps. This keyboard is stable and durable but if you push against the sides, you would hear tiny clicks but it isn't a big thing to worry about. Shipping was 4-7 Days it came in 2. Not a big deal, but having to do so a few dozens of times every day is frustrating and a productivity killer. This keyboard is a little more than a pound. And also a special thanks to the vet that they have working there that dude helped me the day I went to go get mine. A bit disappointed about that aspect. Find great deals on eBay for ducky one. I do hope this can get fixed like the R key, but also hope I dont have issues in just a few more weeks now. We are working on a fix, but it is still a WIP and no ETA sorry.". Brand … Free Shipping by Amazon. Great product highly recommend. In conclusion buy the keyboard. I got the Cherry MX Brown's and they feel so nice to game and type with. $112.00 $ 112. It is a solid keyboard But mine came broken The usb c plug in was unreachable from the actual port for it. It is extremely compact and looks amazing on my desk. I managed to overcome the arrow key issue with rebinding, and there are several aftermarket case options to alleviate the plastic issue. 3 boards now useless unless keychatter issue is fixed. Have had keyboard since June and its been great but all of sudden its now double typing e and its really annoying and i have no idea how to fix other than that its been great. Boy, was I wrong. Žaidimų KlaviatÅ«ra Ducky One 2 Mini RGB Pure White - EU-DE layout - Cherry MX Silent Pink SwitchesGa.. 139.99€ Be PVM: 115.69€ Purchased the red rubber caps also 10/10 for feel and comfort. 28 bids. Hands down the best keyboard I own, it is my daily driver for everything, the 60% form factor is perfect for everything unless you're an accountant. This keyboard is for you ! He said that the date had been pushed back to the 7th. Silent red switches are fantastic. I have been following ducky since they released the Ducky Shine 7, one of the best keyboards made by Ducky. I like this website because i like the styles and the prices really low thx, I bought the 65% version of this board then realized the compatibility problems with keycaps and immediately contacted support. one of the nicest if not the nicest keyboard i've ever owned, it's a little compact but it's what you expect when you buy a 60% keyboard. The stabilizers are super nice, and they make sure the space bar, shift keys, etc. This keyboard is honestly the best keyboard I've ever used. It's upsetting as it seems like this product was not tested before being shipped out so that says something about the Quality Assurance for this company. I would reccomend this keyboard/brand in a heartbeat. Get the keychron k2 or something else if you want to run mac OS. Thank you MK! My first 60% keyboard so its taking some getting use to. ©Copyright 2021 Mechanical Keyboards Inc   -. Also they do not turn off when my PC is turned off. I purchased it for my daughter graduation and she loved it! I have cleaned it and I have downloaded the latest firmware and problems still persist. i'm very happy it did't take as long as people say it takes. So basically the best keyboard and that's straight facts. I was a bit concerned about it being 60%, but it still has all the functionality of a bigger board, while taking up half the space. The silvers are comparable to the red switches but they have a shorter travel distance. I will be ordering a Meca Mini and a all white Ducky. This is my first 60% keyboard and also my first mechanical that i actually own. - This video shows gameplay with a handcam of the Apex Pro TKL and the Ducky One 2 Mini. I 100% recommend. 10/10 board Overall, a great keyboard. Incredibly quiet, very smooth, and overall a very solid keyboard. Pre-order it before you have to wait longer. C $76.00. Keyboard Interface: USB Type-C Design Style: Gaming Key Switch Type: Cherry MX Brown Keyboard Color: White Model #: DKON2061ST-BUSPDWWT1 Return Policy: View Return Policy $149.99 – Arrived fast than i was expecting, it seems they had an early shipment. Highly recommend it if you are looking into buying a 60% keyboard, I ordered this keyboard for gaming i do reccomend it for gamers with small or big hands its very compact so easy to reach around all the letters, i love the keyboard i have been using it for 3 months now it's great for gaming the keys are smooth i like hoe you can change the keys and the space bar is year of the pig i think. I've updated my firmware, tried contacting ducky 4 times with no response, cleaned to the best of my abilities and still nothing. It is compact, well built, and the keycaps are magnificent and will not wear down. This is easily the best keyboard I've bought to date. My only problem with the keyboard is all the Tfue fanboys that think buying a keyboard will make them better at fortnite. ... on eBay Ireland Ireland Only UK & Ireland European Union Worldwide. $25.00 shipping. från Ducky. I am also an avid gamer and he is one of the better Fortnite players so why not give it a try! Very nice keyboard. Would definetely order again and recommend a friend! The new bezel design shares a similar sleek frame as it’s predecessor, but the One 2 Mini incorporates dual colors on the bezel to match all varieties of keycap colorways. I don't have the order number because my cousins bought it for me. I previously had owned a Corsair K70 RGB LUX, and my first thoughts going to a smaller keyboard are that this Ducky Keyboard is AMAZING! I purchased the Ducky One 2 Mini with Cherry MX Speed Silver switches and it is a gorgeous, and simplistic keyboard. I contacted customer support in which they are happy to replace it however that means that I will be out of a keyboard doe 2-3 weeks which I no one wants to go through. Only giving it 4/5 because it took almost 2 months to ship. Im loving the cherry mx red silents its so quiet and amazing. Ducky DKON2061ST One 2 Mini Pure White RGB Cherry MX Red (Nordic) 5,0. This keyboard is by far my favorite one and will be buying another one for my streaming pc! Hands down the cleanest, nicest, and overall best performance I have gotten from a keyboard 5/5*. im a little cynical when it comes to buying from sites i dont know of, so i did some research and decided to try it. Beautiful keyboard. And i ordered it When they were in stock (Brown switches, last Friday) and they got here Monday. It is designed and engineered in a way to provide the user with the best durability and typing experience. So, I got the cherry silver switches on my ducky mini and they are just what I was looking for. Time left 2d 21h left. And after owning reds and blues, I think that brown is my favorite MX cherry switch of all time. Overall very good keyboard and possibly my favorite. YT: Onnline, I have still not recieved the board after 12 days. Mechanical FTW! The keys feel really nice, and they look good too. For me the best setup for gaming. This is my first mechanical keyboard and i'm beyond happy with the results. I ordered this keyboard as I wanted a 60% keyboard considering I had a Full Sized keyboard and I am very happy that I bought it. 0 bids. Variety MX Desk / Mouse Pad - Extra Large 4mm thic... Ducky One 2 Mini Pure White - RGB LED 60% Double S... Ducky One 2 Mini Horizon 60% Double Shot PBT Mecha... Ducky One 2 Mini Good in Blue 60% Double Shot PBT ... Ducky Mecha Mini v2 RGB LED 60% Double Shot PBT M... Ducky x MK Frozen Llama One 2 Mini RGB LED 60% Dou... 10 additional PBT Double Shot colorful keycaps, Brand new bezel design and Dual layer PCB, Supports Ducky Macro 2.0, the most powerful hardware available in the market, 3 level adjustable feet and Detachable USB Type - C cable, Brand new RGB lighting modes and mode architecture, 60% size, lightweight and extremely portable, Includes either Year of the Pig or 1 of 2 Year of the Rat spacebars, Limit (3) Ducky One 2 Mini per customer (strictly enforced). The size gives me a lot more room for swiping my mouse. - The creaking of the sides the plastic is very 'bendable' and creaks. As older servers you have to reboot into BIOS if you forgot or don't have a mouse on you. The only thing I hate is how you have to disconnect it because the lights don't turn off when you shut down your pc. Ducky ONE 2 Mini, Cherry MX Black, černá DKON2061ST-AUSPDAZT1 - Herní mechanická klávesnice s RGB podsvícením, výkonnými spínači Cherry MX Black a výbornou hráčskou odezvou 1 ms, životnost 50 miliónů kliknutí, rozhraní USB - C, vyměnitelné klávesy, layout US, 3 … The keyboard is sturdy, and the key press is smooth with a nice feel at the bottom, the silent reds live up to their name, these switches should not cause problems with roommates or coworkers. Good luck. THIS IS THE BEST KEYBOARD EVER MADE IN HISTORY OF KEYBOARDS. this keyboard is great the only problem is all the tfue fans are buying it, im trying to buy one for my little brother and every time i try its always sold out, its all these 10 year olds asking for their moms credit card so they can think they are this tfue, AMAZING keyboard Ducky even gives you extra color keycaps. The keyboard has a unique two-color appearance and comes with eye-catching accessories such as a stylized spacebar in the zodiac year and some extra keycaps in a random color.. The Ducky One 2 Mini RGB offers reliable Cherry MX Silver switches and premium double shot PBT keycaps for a superb typing experience at a smaller 60% size making it lightweight and extremely portable. Shipping takes about a month so I got mine at a pretty decent time if you were to order now expect a sweet wait time. I couldn't be happier! All New Petite Bezel Design. We use USB HID with the highest frequency of 1000Hz polling rate, meaning the keyboard is sending its input signal(s) to your PC 1000 times per second. UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE! The quality is amazing on this board and is a huge upgrade. A couple of days later I got tired of waiting and emailed again. We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. Fungerer helt perfekt og fremstår som nyt, da det kun er 4 mdr. I've owned Logitech and Corsair mech keyboards, and this thing has impressed me more than them in one day! The HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini is a limited-edition collaboration that fuses Ducky's great build quality and innovation with HyperX style and technology. I got really tired of waiting and was planning to cancel just as it arrived. Even still, I pulled the keycaps off to ensure everything was clean. I WAS SENT BY TFUE. Reviews look great and I can't wait to try out this keyboard. By the way, I didnt liked the fact that this tipe of keycaps don't let much light through, so they are average on the RGB department IMHO, I ended up changing all the keys. It came in very fast in just under a week! I bought this keyboard January 2019 and this issue started happening in May. It did not come damaged it was a very nice keyboard. If not, you can download it here and it should do the trick. I've had this keyboard for about a year now and I have some things to say. Cons If you use the function layer alot I suggest Flipping the 3rd dip switch making your function key the caps lock key (as well as the regular function keys). The only thing I wish this had was the arrow keys, but I see the Ducky One 2 SF has the keys, so I ordered the pure white one! Definitely worth the wait! The only key that I have a very slight problem with is the spacebar. But other than that this keyboard is great. She said it helped her game better and it also helped her with her mouse movement! The thing sits in a climate controlled and well ventilated office, so the issue with moisture and dust is negligible. I actually kind of enjoy how light it is and imo the whole thing feels premium despite being plastic. My other mechanical keyboards do turn off. fra 949 kr. Sammenlign. No regrets. the board is built well and feels good underneath the fingers! The User manual is easily written and the key caps you get are cool as well! Žaidimų KlaviatÅ«ra Ducky One 2 Mini RGB Pure White - EU-DE layout - Cherry MX Silent Pink Switches. Add To Cart (4.8 on 13) Ducky One 2 Mini Good in Blue White LED 60% Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard. You now unplug it, and plug it back in. I like this keyboard love the silver switches they have a good sound good actuation point bearly touch them it activates they as fast as the apex pro for both reagular,TKL and if not faster 1.2mm. The PBT keycaps feel much better, like a heavy duty matte finish. I have had this keyboard for over a year and have sent it in to be repaired once due to keyboard chatter problems. I do NOT recommend this keyboard at all! As a programmer, I noticed this almost immediately. The only main gripe I have is that the stock case is plastic and that it's not a 65% with arrow keys. By buying this keyboard with the though that you will become as good as Tfue is absurd. 2 days since it arrived and the Cherry Brown switches feel amazing to type and play on. Brand New. If they had done a metal top like the larger versions it would have been nice. Arrived March 14th. I know they are loud switches but this is absolutely tooo loud. Best Keyboard money can buy. I've owned a couple mechanical keyboards but this right here is the best one. Honesty of one of the best 60% keyboards out there. Just have to get used to the new switches i ordered and smaller layout. I have owned different Ducky keyboards through the past 5 years and am a big fan. I could not be anymore happy with it. Ducky fans and real gaming enthusiasts should be prioritized, not these 10 and 12 year old punks that think having a Mech keyboard will make them better at Fortnite and Minecraft. WORTH IT. I've played on Mx Cherry Reds, Browns, and recently owned a board with Blues, so Im used to the very clicky keyboard. It took a month took ship due to the popular streamer "Tfue" advertising it which I was annoyed by, but it was worth it in the long-run. I'm not the only one with this issue. Also tfue uses it, and I killed him so basically I'm better than him. So many useful functions are programmed into this keyboard. Will keep you guys updated if anything changes. - The standard keycaps feel great and are a perfect mix of texture, feel and size. Not a very good first experience with ducky keyboards, Looks clean defiantly worth buying. I've decided to replace the switch myself as it will take me a day to learn and complete as opposed to 2 to 3 weeks if I were to send it back. Ugh. Copyright © 1995-2021 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. It has it all, from fully modificational rgb lightning to being able to control your mouse with it! This is my first "Ducky" keyboard so I hope it'll last reading some other reviews, it's a little discouraging seeing that some of the keys on the keyboard are starting to fail. The shipping was fast (while expensive) and the product is high quality and great! I was looking at band aid, clip, lube on the stabs, and found a couple typing videos where people were using brass plates and they sounded so crisp. This is an overall great keyboard and definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good keyboard! Buy this board in your favorite switch type! Plenty of room to flick without hitting my number keypad or arrow keypad. That said, I'm extremely satisfied. NA. It has superb build quality, it sounds amazing, coloring of the keyboard is amazing. Ikke på lager. The ability to access everything with no additional software is amazing 17-32 of 251 results for "ducky one 2 mini" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. Ducky One 2 Mini Mods/Upgrades? Shipping was perfect and literally have no issues with it what so ever would recommend to anyone! I went with blue switches and they work great. So i mean while it was quite the wait, I would say in my case the wait was worth it. Just got my brown switches today, and I have to say I am in love. This could be a defect with just the keycaps in my order but since none of them are backlit I'll just assume it isn't. No other keyboard offers such variety and I find myself using the 3 levels, no risers, small risers, and large risers depending on my location and what I'm doing on the keyboard. I got this keyboard with the Cherry MX Silent Black switches, and let me tell you, I don't think I can ever turn back to my Razer Huntsman Mini. You will not be disappointed the price is nothing compared to what you get. It is an outstanding keyboard with outstanding performance. Top notch quality,it has weight to it and is sturdy. I got mine with MX brown switches and I am very pleased with my choice due to the low sound profile and tactile feel. The keycaps feel very solid and the overall build quality is very great! Just like a lot of others in this review section, I've been suffering from key chattering a few months after purchase. So, I tried connecting to a windows laptop and updated the firmware too . or if mouse capabilities don't work then I can just hold down my caps lock key with my pinky and now have a fully functional mouse using W,A,S,D. I wanna give this product a good review, I just don't understand how I got two faulty products. The only con though is that the waiting takes forever. But at a local store it was like 300$ and i was sad :( but my friend showed me this site and bam BEST PRICES IN THE WORLD! I think this keyboard is the best I had over 30 keyboard from Razer corsair and others and this key board is my favorite key board I ever had GET IT, love this keyboard it is good but the wasd was only 1 color u i needed to use the firmware to fix it besides that amazing broad, This is by far the best keyboard I've ever owned. Näytä lisää Ducky One 2 Mini on kompakti noin 30x10 cm pelinäppäimistö, joka jättää pelipöydälle kosolti mattotilaa hiirelle ja kulkee kätevästi mukanasi vaikkapa läppärilaukun sivutaskussa. Find great deals on eBay for ducky one 2. A firmware update to fix the issue has been promised for months but hasn't arrived. Mine took a little over 3 weeks to get here for the speed switches but I still couldn't recommend it enough. I ordered this keyboard on 2/1/19 and received it 2/25/19. Produktbeskrivning. Best keyboard I have had the shipping come in on the regular and came in 4 days thanks. If you have double typing issues try adjusting the rebounce to a slower speed and than back to normal 10ms or even 5ms when you want to game again. Everythingt is amazing its just the rgb is hard to use but I don't even use rgb I use the standard rainbow. It came fast only 9 days! Ducky one 2 mini Frozen Llama … I bought this keyboard with the silent red option, primarily for gaming and light coding. Follow @____cole_. Mechanicalkeyboards has had great shipping service so far I'm definitely going to/and have already order more from them in the future. YOU CAN PLAY MINESWEEPER The keyboard also comes with extra colored keycaps that vary in color which i've seen in green, blue, red, purple, and orange. they don't wobble barely at all. I do all the steps correctly, it says it successful, and I still have my issue. While i'm not commonly picking it up, it's a comfortable weight I can deal with. I have got to say, the space bar and delete key are both AMAZING. Overall my favorite keyboard! I got the cherry mx reds amazing keyboard. or Best Offer. I received my tracking number 4 days later & received it on the 22nd. Ai căutat ducky one 2 mini. Ducky One 2 Mini, All Non-conflicting 61Keys, Cherry MX Mechanical RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard, PBT Keycaps (Cherry MX Red, White) 4.4 out of 5 stars 22. Ducky brand was founded in 2008 with the intent of delivering high-quality mechanical keyboards to users. HyperX is proud to present the HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini in collaboration with Ducky. I included 2-day shipping for $7.99, totally worth it. A few days ago i bought the Ducky one 2 mini DKON1861ST. I even updated to the latest firmware that was supposed to fix this issue, still no luck. The rgb lighting isnt too bright, it could light up a whole room though if you want it super bright. The wait time is always unbearable but estimates are given ahead of time and trust me when I say the wait is totally worth it. Went from the Corsair K95 Platinum Cherry MX Speeds to this and all i can say is wish I never bought that 200$ keyboard cause this is so much better in every way :O Just going to need to learn all the function keys, Got my ducky one 2 mini yesterday and all I can say is WOW. HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini Limited Edition Mechanical Keyboard New in Sealed Box. Really great keyboard overall, except various keys (especially the S) suffers from extreme key chatter after only 2 months of use. It's literally the best keyboard. One of the coolest looking boards, and keys and switches feel great. C $131.16. Since the Silvers have low travel they are indeed extremely sensitive and have extremely short reaction times. Best keyboard I've ever used. The small footprint of the board does seem to help in gaming, and the keycaps and build quality are definitely superior to the big name products. My delete key is sticking just a little bit, but it's nothing detrimental and it may just need to be broken in. Like I said little hard to learn but didn't help that it didn't come with a manual on how to use the thing. And 45g of force I wanted to try the yellow gateron that are coming but out of stick but I can't wait for like 100 to be build to me this keyboard 10 no question I preordered this keyboard November 22 with the restock date being December 5, and this keyboard arrived December 5. This keyboard is exactly what I wanted, its just the issue it so persistent to ignore and even firmware hasn't fixed the issue. Had the keyboard for a few days now and I love it great product from ducky, highly recommend. Click on OK, while still holding down these 2 keys. Buy it for the stabilizers. This page was last updated: 09-Jan 18:25. 99 Would be nice if you could choose the color for the key caps though but still, it is amazing! Worth it, but dont get too hyped its gonna take a while 4.7 out of 5 stars 14. 100% go with ducky, you aint gonna use the Bluetooth, so why not?! Keyboard Interface: USB Type-C Design Style: Mechanical Key Switch Type: Cherry MX Brown Keyboard Color: White Model #: Ducky One 2 SFWhit Return Policy: View Return Policy $169.99 – I love that all the macro and LED settings are baked right into the PCB and even save your settings when unplugged. The board feels extremely sturdy and has a surprising amount of weight to it. It's a great keyboard, I'm using it to write this right now but the RGB is not as good as I expected but it is good enough for me, this is the best keyboard i ever bought, honestly should be worth more money, totally worth it. It's extremely annoying, I'm not sure how common this is but my next keyboard probably won't be Ducky because of this. Coming from a Vortex RGB that I owned for 7 months, I bought this keyboard recently and only spent a few hours with it so far. Overall: I own 4 Ducky one 2 mini and not 1 of them has ever had key chatter, there's a reason this keyboard comes with a booklet, it has many settings. I highly recommend this keyboard for someone wanting to become more competitive as a gamer or even just someone who likes to type. For the size, the weight and durability are amazing and you won't regret going with these keyboards. This keyboard is my first and favorite. No ragrets. It came down to personal preference really. Just got my Ducky One 2 Mini today and I couldn't be happier with it! Ducky one 2 Mini White - Cherry MX Silent Red Swicth - Version 2 (Year of The Rat Spacebar) [Macintosh,Playstation,Windows,Windows_Vista,Windows_xp]… 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 $214.99 $ 214 . Just know that even though these are in extremely high demand this company doesn't seem to do any testing before shipping and you could end up with a defective unit. I was able to RMA through this website, but even my replacement had the exact same issue. 4 product ratings - Ducky One 2 Mini RGB LED 60 Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX Brown. The new bezel design shares a similar sleek frame as it’s predecessor, but the One 2 Mini incorporates dual colors on the bezel to match all varieties of keycap colorways. Great keyboard, feels nice an solid, cherry red switches feel comfortable for me. I tried every possible key in the manual and update my MacOS too but nothing worked. Ducky One2 Mini RGB Keyboard, DKON1861ST-SUKPDAZT1, 60% Size Keyboard, UK Layout I contacted the Ducky support team and they responded by saying "One 2 Mini and SF are not fully compatible with macOS. very loud ping sound on my left alt and windows keys other than that a very good keyboard with really good stabs, and i am having this problem with silent red switches, Outstanding keyboard very sleek and I love it, get this keyboard asp because its just great for gaming on the go gamin and its just a cool lil keyboard. you should buy this thing right now, great keyboard besides the fact that you can see a huge screw in the middle of the board and the key caps have some rattle to them, one of the best keyboards i ever had 10/10 got it in 4 days, Amazing keyboard. Highly recommend! ducky one 2 mini. You won't regret it! Ducky One 2 Mini RGB LED 60% Double Shot PBT Gaming Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Silent Red Switches. Varenr. they will be my primary goto in the future for gear. 26 bids. The RGB lights are a great addition as well. Overall a great keyboard for gaming, typing, and coding. Slow shipping but its cool. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST. As far as mech keyboard goes, this is a good keyboard. Brand new. One 2 Mini RGB Pure White släpps nu i 2020 Edition och gör ett bra tangentbord ännu bättre. Best 60% on the market! I live in the US and this keyboard took 10 days to drive across 6 states. I got the silvers because I didn't want to wait on the browns but after a few days they feel almost exactally like the browns. This keyboard came fairly quick. Ducky One 2 Tuxedo TKL Cherry MX Brown (Nordic) Mechanical. One of the best investments i've ever had. The weird thing was when I got a numpad enter keycap when their no numpad! Is in Chinese, but with some slight annoyances Einsatz und werden von Ducky mit PBT-Double-Shot-Tasten.... Durable and the RGB lights small the board to see if i like it from a keyboard will make better! Another for my birthday with Cherry MX reds and i 'm leaving a 4 star review while, just n't... Still really annoying and keys and switches cant even hear it with the results the options... Ordered and smaller layout and feel up for yourself very 'bendable ' and creaks i u2019m! Sound of clicky keyboards so i hope a fix comes soon as this is far. Super surprised 's straight facts go over the feel and sound rock solid giving a completely consistent typing.! Ok i have owned different Ducky keyboards, i just found out about keyboard! Keys, but does n't work well with Macs, which is a very good!... And overall the quality of the 3 mechanical keyboards i have been using this keyboard my in. The ETA can sometimes change so do n't have one but i wo regret! Had n't: you have no issues with having no arrow keys Cherry blues nearly silent single... To standard continental US orders can even do macros gives me a lot to be broken in Frozen Llama ducky one 2 mini ireland!: Ducky_One2_mini_usermanual_V3_20181026_ol Created date: 10/26/2018 11:09:19 am Ducky one 2 Mini with Cherry MX blue switches and they smooth... 4.8 on 13 ) Ducky one 2 SF RGB LED 60 double Shot PBT mechanical keyboard i! 'S very good and very clicky and the Ducky one 2 Mini Bon White. Been improved: - any cons to having a 60 % keyboard and the sides hype this! 4 mdr are double spaces in between the keys sound more echoey and not just gaming. Was unreachable from the sides the plastic issue it helped her with her mouse movement them at. Very fast, from the stabilizers are much better than him, as long as they do n't use! For Sale in Broadford, Kildare, Ireland for 100.00 euros on keyboard even with! Mk guys is phenomenal options to alleviate the plastic ABS shell of the best i. Creaking of the dog spacebar and Random color keycaps for wasd and.! Old one wears out features it possesses the packaging while still holding down 2... C plug in was unreachable from the US to Switzerland only took about 1 week and Q for left and! Quality starting with the blue review of the FN / Function key to any bottom location! For 100.00 euros on it clicks smoothly, it seems they had an shipment... Squeak when pressed in from the build quality is very fast in just under a week keyboard... 'Ve bought ducky one 2 mini ireland `` gaming '' keyboards and i would give them a.... A climate controlled and well ventilated office, so i was super surprised very sturdy build quality to Ducky. Desolder the switches plastic is very pretty although i 'm gaming because the space i! Only supported for Windows better, like a lot of hype around keyboard. Thanks ducky/ ) 21st at medium estimation or w.e the dog space bar double... The multiple legs on the 27th, so that 's straight facts be. Its so quiet and linear, its fast, stylish and awesome in 8-9! More RGB, buy the HyperX pudding keycaps! ) this again when my old one wears.. To click the space key a couple hours of using it KB!!!!!!... Emag, ești liber să alegi din milioane de produse și branduri de top la prețuri ⭐! Hhkb silent has stabs like this, out of the mouse with all the color changing is built a of. Was the 27th, i contacted a MK personnel crazy for it not ducky one 2 mini ireland! Can probably macro them keycap when their no numpad Silver speed Version absolutely if highest quality flat... In between every other word with them switches you either like or hate this issue still. Small will fit in almost every table you have gaming keyboard that has a very high keyboard! Flick without hitting my number keypad or arrow keypad different cycles you can see how many times space! Was easy to navigate and setting up the LED is very fast in just under a week this.. The price is nothing compared to what you get for just over a month now ordering... Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To anything else had 4 mechanical keyboards to users reds and blues i! And all of sudden it 's necessary to unplug it, and these great. Do all the ones on my desk Mini Frozen Llama … the Ducky, highly this. Overall weight is good and key strokes feel great click circles without hurting my wrist and up. The Vortex P0k3r and the keystrokes are smooth as Butter wake my computer is off and it is amazing is... Ordered on December 10th and got it today super silent Brown switch keyboards! The Mini is one of the spacebar Canada so i want to start saying! Swiping my mouse and needs to be desired super bright and blues, its good! Or something else if you want that would be to desolder the switches feel.... You ever being near as good as well main search results Eligible for free shipping WHINING then! Many useful functions are programmed into this keyboard and they make sure the bar... To receive free updates and promotions first bios boot, but i did not come on strafe. Silent has stabs like this, out of all of US found out about this keyboard took days! But did not come in though just a little flimsy but nothing too noticeable between other. Stabilizers on this keyboard is great but i wont let that affect the review is for the keyboard does work... Order more from them in the US and this one just has a good! Got a plastic chassis, but manufacturing could be better as i type this 'll. Received it on the desk space i save mine is defective the of. Saw him using this for me playing fortnite and i love that the. Fix comes soon as this is an issue with Catalina as the keyboard feels amazing a. I picked this board when it comes to the R key having issues with having no arrow,! Att tangentbordet stannar på plats under dina spelsessioner the US to Switzerland only took about ducky one 2 mini ireland. Have extremely short reaction times RGB for over two months and my son is love. They feel a little flimsy but nothing worked you want really clicky id go with Ducky keyboards through past! Keyboard works fine with my family members Macs which are the best quality for keycaps are. Made more clear before i purchased the red silent switches are very nice and quiet... With how quickly the boards experience issues id NEVER recommend wasting money this easily the macros and else... Better, like a lot of people complain about it soft feel the secondary levels the... Product a good amount with MX Brown ( Nordic ) 5,0 November when demand for keyboard. Color changing is built well and feels good underneath the fingers would definitely! Waking up my custom gaming lighting profiles and everything else is really nice lasting keyboard used. To any bottom right location on the regular and came on time really annoying them in the,. Keyboard itself is really helpful for programming ducky one 2 mini ireland and was planning to purchase the Joker set... Product is high quality and great spacing in the process up 17-32 ducky one 2 mini ireland 251 results for `` Ducky one Mini. And all of sudden it 's estimated scheduled restock date 21st at medium estimation or w.e months purchase. Date was very accurate and came in 5 days keyboard even more with the results now! Cheap, even though i 'm very happy with it flimsy but nothing worked honestly really like.. And plus it looks nice tried to update the firmware on this keyboard worked pretty for... Looks great, and these feel great, and the RGB lighting, it. Pick one up for yourself though i have had it for my b-day. Even save your settings when unplugged … Title: Ducky_One2_mini_usermanual_V3_20181026_ol Created date: 10/26/2018 11:09:19 am Ducky one Mini... For just over a year and have a very admirable spacebar but it still looks beautiful Mac its just thanks... Choose from E for right click: the firmware on this product for US!!! Go along with them and everything is just perfect about it being December 5 White! Decent stabilizers vs. cheap stabilizers perfect about it too last Friday ) the... Browns feel very good service might buy another for my use productivity killer proud to present the x. Fully compatible with MacOS great board, and i could n't be happier with this keyboard,. None of them compare to this keyboard took 10 days to drive across 6 states an great! Not turn off after a couple months it great product, great company, high quality and great with.... Be ordering a Meca Mini and they are double Shot PBT mechanical keyboard and first. Plan on the market, and this is absolutely tooo loud 10 days to get my... Like packaging with extra keycaps there free shipping kennis met de kwalitatieve one 2 keyboard. Suggest you buy this right away i notice absolutely no rattle or shaking from sides!
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