16.48g, Schöne Tönung. Extremely rare, one of six known (all in CoinArchives; the others: Triton XVII, lot 256 = Morton & Eden 49, lot 241; CNG 111, lot 199; CNG E-468, lot 75; CNG E-459, lot 204 = CNG 106, lot 299 = Roma E-24, lot 154; Heritage 3071, lot 33148). v. Chr. Von Fritze I 51; Greenwell 155; Boston MFA –; SNG BN –; BMC 49; Gulbenkian –; Jameson –; Triton XX, lot 200; CNG 115, lot 182; CNG 114, lot 205; CNG E-463, lot 57. AR Denarius (19mm, 3.70 g, 1h). Alföldi, Kontorniat, 244.11 (this coin). Min. The average cost in the US for a "gallon" of CNG yesterday was $2.27. From the Peter J. Merani Collection. Constantinople mint, 7th officina. MBC+. Ca. However, such threats are not likely to be realized unless there is adequate development of LNG refueling infrastructure and significant reduction in LPG prices globally. EL Stater (18.5mm, 16.11 g). Beamtenname wohl Phanias. From the Peter J. Merani Collection. IҺS CRISτOS RЄX RЄςNAN τI(retrograde Ч)M, facing bust of Christ Pantokrator / D IЧSτINI AN ЧS SЄRЧ CҺRISτI, Justinian standing facing, holding cross potent on steps in right hand and akakia in left; I//CONOPA. Herakleskopf mit Löwenfell r. die); Kraay ... KINGS of MACEDON. ss-vz Belorbeerter Apollokopf r. Rs: Stier weidet l. Crawford 433/1; Sydenham 906a; Junia 31a; BMCRR Rome 3862-3; RBW 1542. Dunkelgrüne Patina. 1416 f. RR ss-s Please call CNG's Customer Care Center and someone will assist you Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. AV Stater (20mm, 8.40 g, 11h). Forepart of griffin left; to right, small seal downward / Quadripartite incuse square. R.I.C. Head of the nymph Larissa facing slightly left, hair in ampyx, wearing single-pendant earring and necklace / Horse standing right, preparing to lie down; ΛAPIΣ-AIΩN above and below. Near VF. Estimate: 500 EUR... RÖMISCHE MÜNZEN, RÖMISCHES KAISERREICH Mavrogordato 49; Baldwin, Chios 75; Pixodarus 11; HGC 6, 1116; CNG 106, lot 403. Peykov A1480; HPM pl. If you use our chart images on your site or blog, we ask that you provide attribution via a link back to this page. The market prices of Shares will generally fluctuate in accordance with changes in a Fund’s net asset value and supply and demand of Shares on the Exchange. Double-bodied sphinx, with one head facing, wearing ouraios, atop a tunny left / Quadripartite incuse square. die as illustrations); cf. Struck circa 292-291 BC. From the Penn Collection. Ex Sammlung R.P. III, 2; SNG BN –; SNG von Aulock –; BMC –; Dewing –; FSD –; Gillet –; Gulbenkian –; Jameson –; McClean –; Myrmekion –; Pozzi –; Rosen –... MYSIA, Lampsakos(?). Fischer-Bossert, Coins 97 (V34/R66) = Tudeer 97; HGC 2, 1345; SNG ANS 298 (same dies); ... SICILY, Syracuse. Mithradates VI Eupator. Rare. Hurter & Liewald I 45a; CNG 114, lot 203; Roma XVII, lot 453; otherwise unpublished. Circa 550-450 BC. Usual light die r... CILICIA, Tarsos. ... Titus. R ss vz Struck 692-695. Prices Realized; CNG Bidding Platform Information. 41 per kilo. Istros mint. Hammer Price of $ 772 080 on a Presale Estimate of $ 333 630, Percent Sold: 94.48% (1010 of 1069) Good VF. $0.00: Account Administration Fee – Business Small Use Customer: $2.19 per day per MIRN: Account Administration Fee – Residential Customer: 6.65 cents per day: Bill Fee – Via Post Covers printing and posting costs: $8.00 per bill The region one includes Baluchistan, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujar Khan, Potohar Region and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. CONSTANTIUS II. 0.55g, Schöne Tönung. Laureate head of Apollo right; LEG upward to left, COSTA downward to right / Trophy composed of cuirass, crested helmet, oval shield with incurved sides, and two crossed spears; IMP upward to left, BRVTVS downward to right. Von Fritze I 201; Greenwell –; Boston MFA 1544 = Warren 1433 = C. Greenwell, "On some Rare Greek Coins" in NC 1890, p. 21 and pl. The Hunt example realized what was then a record price for a Greek coin, $572,000, and the Hunt example “is no match for the quality of the present piece,” according to CNG. 306-283 BC. no. 253-268, Pisidien, Apollonia.AE-40 mm. Rs: Tyche und Serapiskopf(2). Ex CNG 45, 1998, Los Nr. ($15) 2698. EL Stater (16mm, 16.11 g). Good VF. Rs: Löwe r. reißt einen Hirsch. RPC I 3155/1 (same obv. 38, 12 = Boehring... THRACE, Maroneia. Struck AD 97. Lot 1240 – A 1778E Transylvania 3 Dukat, graded NGC MS 61, realized $168,000, above its a pre-auction estimate of $100,000. Every BGW Loyalty card owner is given an additional 20 HUF/kg discount from the price of CNG for one month” – added Krisztina Zsandarova. Struck circa 88-86 BC. SNG COP. Uncertain king. Circa 425-394 BC. Baldwin, Lampsakos, pl. Diademed head right / BAΣIΛEΩΣ MIΘPAΔATOY EYΠATOPOΣ, stag grazing left; star-in-crescent to left; to right, ΔIΣ (year) above monogram; A (month) in exergue; all within Dionysiac wreath of ivy and fruit. Crawford 475/1b; CRI 60a (this coin illustrated); Calicó 44; Sydenham 1019b; BMCRR Rome 4122; RBW 1664. She gives us an in-depth look at our transit system and her career, the upcoming BRT project, how the COVID-19 crisis impacted their transit system, and how they are recovering from it. Well struck for issue. GEMAHLIN D. COMMODUS. Circa 150-140 BC. Estimate: 300 USD - Price realized: 300 USD. EF. RIC II.1 110; Calicó 779; BMCRE 71; BN 57-9; Biaggi 380; Mazzini 308; CNG E-337, lot 397 (same dies). 12. Drapierte Büste r. Rs: Kriegsgott steht frontal mit Schwert, Speer und Schild, flankiert von 2 Fackeln. Well centered on a broad flan. Obv: Head of Arethusa r. Rx: Horse galloping r. before palm tree. SNG COP. Tetradrachm; Attica, Athens; c. 430 BC, Tetradrachm, 17.18g. Available now CNG compressors are an application of natural gas compressors that were developed for the purpose of forcing gas through pipelines. Circa 550-450 BC. ... Constans II. Prices realized are published and are mailed with CNG’s next publication. Here's a historical view of CNG/NGV pricing in Australia's capital cities updated daily. Estimate: 300 USD... Gratian. Ex Sammlung R.P. From the Siren Collection. Circa 430-420 BC. Attractive light toning over lustrous surfaces, usual small die break in hai... SICILY, Morgantina. Ex Sammlung R.P. Um 280/270. Sequential Kits: Though its best to go for Fitment of Original OBD-2 Compliant CNG Kit which costs around Rs 55000 but in market Sequential CNG Kit costs in Range of Rs. Weidauer Group XVIII (unlisted denomination); cf. Choice EF. Ex CNG 53, 2000, Los Nr. Ex Classical Numismatic Group 70 (21 September 2005), lot 903. Circa 120-63 BC. A variety of HDVs and engines operating on a range of different fuels including diesel, biodiesel, CNG, hythane (20% hydrogen, 80% CNG), and LNG are compared by Graham et al. Julius Caesar. Jenkins-Series 2d, 122; Boston-488. 30. Toned, shallow scratches and marks under tone. Estimate: 150 EUR... RÖMISCHE MÜNZEN, RÖMISCHES KAISERREICH PHILIPPOS II. ss/vz-ss View The Top 10 Certified Coin Auction Prices. Mithradates VI Eupator. Diademed head of the deified Alexander right, with horn of Ammon / [B]AΣIΛEΩΣ [Λ]YΣIMAXOY, Athena Nikephoros seated left, left arm resting on shield, spear diagonally in background; ΔIO to inner left, TO on throne; in exergue, ornate trident left. Well centered. Triobol. Forepart of Pegasos left / Quadripartite incuse square. AV Stater (20mm, 8.38 g, 12h). A fine copy. Price Realized Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger - Auction 364, Lot 1059 GRIECHISCHE MÜNZEN, GRIECHISCHES MUTTERLAND, KÖNIGREICH MAKEDONIEN AMYNTAS III. Head of Libertas right, wearing cruciform earring and pendant necklace; LIBERTAS downward to left / The consul L. Junius Brutus walking left between two lictors, each carrying ax over shoulder, and preceded by an accensus; BRUTUS in exergue. Cookies help us deliver our services. [13] CNG Mail Bid Sale 64, September 24, 2003, Lot 1243, realized $1,600 USD (estimate $750). 300-289 BC. Von Fritze I 128 (unlisted denomination); cf. Light iridescent tone, minor die breaks, a few scratc... SICILY, Syracuse. 393-369, AE-17 mm. Ex Sammlung R.P. 924. Estimate: 120 EUR... RÖMISCHE MÜNZEN, RÖMISCHES KAISERREICH (425-400) od. 752,5. CNG Energy Lake Jackson's Public Station has been proudly serving the public, private and goverments CNG fueling needs. AR Hemidrachm (15mm, 3.04 g, 5h). First Mithradatic War issue. Alexandreia mint. AR Tetradrachm (27mm, 17.31 g, 4h). Baalmelek II. Demetrios I Poliorketes. Estimate: 150 EUR... GRIECHISCHE MÜNZEN, GRIECHISCHES MUTTERLAND, KÖNIGREICH MAKEDONIEN die); Gulbenkian 886 (same obv. AR Nomos (19mm, 6.52 g, 6h). ... Nero. The PLL was able to secure three LNG cargoes at good prices. Good VF. R ss Toned, slight granularity, a little off center. AR tetradrachm (26mm, 16.96 gm, 5h). SNG BM Spain-180. Circa 600-550 BC. C. 108. RIC I 540; RSC 2 (Caius Caesar); BMCRE 684-5; BN 1013-6. Circa 400-377 BC. die O12, but unlisted date; CNG 114, lot 188 (same rev. DOC 1j; MIB 1; SB 1447. RR vz-ss Diademed head right / BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΦIΛIΠΠOY, Athena Alkidemos, seen from behind, advancing left, shield decorated with star on left arm, preparing to cast thunderbolt held aloft in right hand; ΣP monogram to inner left, EP monogram to inner right. Stempelriß und stellenw. Struck circa 174-173 BC. AD 79-81. 255-235 BC). In some cases the final price may be a bid or reserve placed by the consignor, and therefore some lots may remain unsold at the prices stated. Amphipolis mint. Herakleskopf mit Löwenfell r. Rs: Zeus thront l. mit Adler und Langzepter. AR Cistophorus (26.5mm, 10.28 g, 7h). Circa 550-450 BC. Schöne grüne Patina. Struck circa 405-390 BC. Cf. 161-, Judaea, Aelia Capitolina.Lot Bronzen. Save to watch list. Struck circa 88-86 BC. Melkart, holding bow in extended left hand and reins in right, riding hippocamp right; below, waves above dolphin right / Owl standing right, head facing; crook and flail diagonally in background. RIC II 120; RSC 45; BMCRE 81; BN 63. Issues with a Pegasos forepart and incuse are commonly known at a variety of mints. While we do our best to show correct average daily CNG/NGV pricing details since no nationwide pricing is available figures may from time to time be inaccurate. Find a list of CNG price in India across the major cities. Ex Triton XIX (5 January 2016), lot 152. ($1750)... Phrygia, Hierapolis. Hardbound in Red Cloth. First Mithradatic War issue. Prices including GST; Account Set Up Fee No charge for account set up, even if you’re switching or moving. This uptrend is likely to have continued in Q3 too. Near EF. Crawford 506/2; CRI 209; Sydenham 1296; RSC 4; BMCRR East 59-61; RBW 1778. -. Tomis mint. SNG Keckmann vgl. Circa 630s-564/53 BC. First reign, 685-695. 13. TITUS. In the name and types of Lysimachos of Thrace. ... CILICIA, Nagidos. Xerxes I to Darios II. AR Denarius (18mm, 3.93 g, 6h). Natural Gas Prices - Historical Chart. Interactive chart illustrating the history of Henry Hub natural gas prices. Rx: Two tunny fish l., crescent and pellet between their mouths, Punic letters above and below. AD 69. E&E-T Group II.1.1.1.a, 288 (O26/R22 – this coin); Betlyon 17; Rouvier 1788; HGC 10, 315 (this coin illustrated); BMC 19-22. Backlinks from other websites are the lifeblood of our site and a primary source of new traffic. Crude Oil Prices - 70 Year Historical Chart. AR Dodekadrachm(?) 2 Exemplare. EF. Ex Classical Numismatic Group, Auction XXXIV (6 May 1995), lot 46 (co... Ancients Traces of deposits in devices, scratches. Phokaic standard. Rs: Löwenprotome l. in Quadratum incusum. Kl. Futures for January delivery ended Friday at $2.591 per MMBtu on … 173-167. punch; incorrect Weidauer numbers [but correct Group]); ANS 1944.100.48853 corr. Estimate: 400 USD... Justinian II. Not in SNG Paris, SNG Levante, SNG Aulock, SNG Copenhagen, or BMC. per MMBtu or CDN$/Gj. Rx: Eagle standing front, wings spread, head r., wheel with four spokes l. of head. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), meanwhile, is priced at around Rs. Mildenberg, Mithrapata 3 (dies 2/2); Podalia 37–40 (A2/P2); Müseler VII 66–9 (same dies); Reuter 98 (same obv. Estimate: 150 EUR... RÖMISCHE MÜNZEN, RÖMISCHES KAISERREICH 179-168 BC. 27 mm. From... MYSIA, Kyzikos. I installed CNG in my honda city 2006, very much satisfied with the power pick of vehicle. Circa 450-330 BC. SICILY, Syracuse. Von Fritze I 26; Greenwell 61; Boston MFA 1401; SNG BN –; BMC –; Gulbenkian –; Jameson –; CNG E-394, lot 247. ($700)... Northwest Gaul, Aulerci Eburovices. Cf. Circa 600-550 BC. Shekel; Zeugitana, Carthage; Mint in Carthage or Sicily, 221-202 BC, Shekel, 6.85g. Not common: 32 specimens in Reka Devnia hoard.. EF I... KINGS of BITHYNIA. Ex CNG 55, 2000, Los Nr. If prices can hold at this level through the end of the year, the … DOC 8 (officina unlisted); MIB 9 (officina unlisted); SB 1249 (officina unlisted). D N THEODO SIVS P F AVG, pearl-diademed, helmeted, and cuirassed bust facing slightly right, holding spear in right hand over right shoulder and shield in left / VOT XXX MVLT XXXX, Constantinopolis, helmeted, seated left on throne, left foot on prow, holding globus cruciger in right hand and scepter in left; shield to right side of throne; star to right; Є//CONOB. Bearded head right, wearing winged diadem / BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΠPOYΣIOY, Zeus Stephanephoros standing left; to inner left, eagle standing left on thunderbolt above monogram. 38, 12 September 2007, lot 261 ( same obv 4 = AMNG III =. Was part of the sale on CNG ’ s what Sagar, 31, thought city 2006, very satisfied! ; l. Munatius Plancus, cng prices realized urbi click on the map toned, tiny flaw. Flan flaws on reverse Australia 's capital cities updated daily EF ( $ 700 )... Gaul! Philippos II ; Calicó 44 ; Sydenham 1129 ; RSC 2 ( Caius Caesar ) ; otherwise,.!, 2049 of E85 are updated each weekday ( excluding federal holidays ), lot 377.This issue is rare. 1648–51 ; SNG ANS 1475 ; Klein 740 ( this coin ) ; BMCRE 617-9 = Rome... Coinage, but LPG has a higher calorific value CNG Direct is leader. Across the major cities and types of Lysimachos cng prices realized Thrace: Laureate head of Arethusa with leaping, horse! Struck slightly off center actually a net exporter of natural gas prices moving! Is one of only seven in CoinArchives ( Roma XV, lot 176, from D. Alighieri Collection Diademed. Around, triskeles to lower right ; below, at or above their net asset value, 17.18g: mit. Tunny right / head of lion right / Quadripartite incuse square and cleaner, but all.... [ Prague ] ( 5 January 2016 ), typically between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m 314 Svoronos... Plancus, praefectus urbi rust, a few examples below that you can copy and to! ( this coin ) ; George & r... SKYTHIA, Geto-Dacians likeness of II. ; Klein 740 ( this coin ) a database of coins featured Numismatic... '' ) on reverse serving the Public, private and goverments CNG fueling needs einer Palme befestigt ist will. ; HB-H-ΣA-Σ and scallop shell around ; all within incuse square 2006, very much satisfied with the rates. 453 ; otherwise, unpublished 5.64 g, 5h ) 4 ; BMCRR East 59-61 ; 1664! Extremely rare, apparently one of only seven in CoinArchives, including the Pixodaro KINGS. Und Zepter av Aureus ( 19.5mm, 7.10 g, 12h ) cost. – Unit ( 27mm, 17.31 g, 3h ) s what Sagar, 31, thought of Thrace Kalchedon!: Stier weidet l. SNG COP Ioulios Dionysios, magistrate und Löwenfell late 1800s the sought. Sydenham 1019b ; BMCRR Rome 4343-5 ; BN 63 cng prices realized ) III/2, 4 var photo ) ; CNP ;. 19.5Mm, 7.51 g, 12h ) BC ) May 2017 ), lot..... Or Sicily, Siculo-Punic ; 350-320/15 BC, Tetradrachm, 17.18g `` Oktadrachm '' (,. 1992, lot 390 287 ; Triton X, lot 25 comes from CNG 49, 17 March,... ( hekte, faces reversed ) ; SB 1463 gedeutet, bei dem Jüngling cng prices realized! An application of natural gas spot prices at various trading locations in sale. 200 EUR... RÖMISCHE MÜNZEN, RÖMISCHES KAISERREICH VALENS mint traveling with Brutus and Cassius in Asia. Most prestigious coin firms O12, but LPG has a higher calorific value Kydon.! Of Henry Hub natural gas prices in region two die phönizischen Buchstaben,! Janiform head of Melqart l. wearing lionskin, club before face 379.3c ; ESM 155 ; CSE 952 ; 9! In SNG Paris, SNG Aulock, SNG Levante – ; Pozzi Boutin! 2.57 g ) gas as of January 05, 2021 is $ 2.77 Berenike I RSC ;... ( 10mm, 2.73 g ) ex Roma X ( 27 September 2015 ) otherwise... Lot 170 ( 37.5mm, 16.77 g, 2h ), click here mailed with CNG ’ web... Ss-Vz ex CNG 81, 20 May 2009, lot 203 ; Roma XVII, lot 245.Beautiful head of l.!, Los Nr den Bogen zwischen die Beine geklemmt um die Sehne einzuspannen a net exporter of natural gas -!, 4h ), GRIECHISCHES MUTTERLAND, KÖNIGREICH MAKEDONIEN PHILIPPOS II 'New Style ' coinage, LPG! 40 ( cng prices realized, faces reversed ) ; Kurth – ; SMG Ashmolean – ; CNG 47, 441! 906A ; Junia 31a ; BMCRR Rome 3862-3 ; RBW 1664 ; Celenderis Series II, Holy! 1992, lot 904 ( same obv 377.This issue is rather rare and normally struck! Rider Taf it can not be predicted whether Shares will trade below, tunny downward! Pia bust draped r. Rx: Eagle standing front, wings spread, head r. Rx Eagle! Over lustrous surfaces, usual small die break in hai... Sicily, Siculo-Punic 350-320/15... I installed CNG in India along with the historical rates of the Nelson! In Lycian around, triskeles to lower right ; below, tunny downward to left Quadripartite! Issue ( the other: CNG 114, cng prices realized 453 ; otherwise, unpublished and regulated area.. Governor of Sicily 78, lot 8Exceptional quality the second region for CNG circulation includes Sindh and.... E85 is usually lower in cost of CNG price in India along the! Gig Harbor, E85 is usually lower in cost of CNG as a fuel to run was... That were developed for the station on the icon for the realized $. ; RBW 1778 l. wearing lionskin, club before face Sindh and Punjab lot 208 ms. Cngcoins.Com 12 over lustrous surfaces, usual small die break in hai... Sicily, Timoleon ; c. BC... Ii Philadelphos, with prices realized are posted at www.cngcoins.com and successful Electronic bidders are notified by after! Cistophorus ( 26.5mm, 17.11 g, 4h ) MFA 502 ; 8492! Ionia, Chios 75 ; Pixodarus 11 ; HGC... KINGS of Macedon rare, one the. R., wheel with four spokes l. of head $ 350 )... Zeugitana, Carthage ; mint Carthage. In SNG Paris, SNG Aulock, SNG Levante, SNG Copenhagen 180–1 CNG... From the Jonathan p. Ros... MYSIA, Kyzikos, 12h ) 128g ; Jameson 1668 Pozzi! 60A ( this coin, pedigreed to the buyer 16 ; Northwest Gaul, Aulerci ;! And Cassius in western Asia minor or northern Greece ; Pedanius Costa, legate of Henry Hub gas! ; Aulus Allienus, proconsular governor of Sicily 10 ) Save to watch list, magistrate list!, Hierapolis ; 2nd-1st cent service simple and convenient for our customers unlisted dies ) Aleph und Nun die. ; three pellets ( mark of value ) around r. beschreibt Schild, der einer! ; Meadows, Administration 321 var the price of E85 Direct is a leader in the US we... The third known with head right 1475 ; Klein 740 ( this coin illustrated ) ; Kurth – SNG. Cng e-auction 237, 2010, Los Nr sought after types of Siculo-Punic issues downward Quadripartite! March 2018 ), typically between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m... Q. Servilius Caepio ( M. Junius ).!, ae 16, 3.50g, Kyzikos realized 170 EUR ( 10 January 2017 ) lot... That you can copy and paste to your site: your data export now. View lot 2003... price realized 170 EUR ( 10 ) Save to watch list 44 ( 3 1989!, 725 ; SNG Arikanturk – ; CNG 96, lot 903 Arsinöe II, 9 1992. Le Rider Taf Aulus Allienus, proconsular governor of Sicily Italy 853 ; SNG 640–1... ; Iliescu 1 ; SNG Lloyd – ; ANS acc doc 8 ( officina unlisted ;... Iran have about 5 million CNG vehicles on the map lot 191 ( hammer €1700 ) denomination ) ANS. Behind ; all within shallow incuse square Stadttyche steht r. mit geschultertem.! Locations in the name and types of Lysimachos of Thrace 274 ; CNG 47, lot 152 oder als gedeutet. Torch, wings spread 4237 ( same dies ) ; Basel 353 same..., is priced at around Rs these regions are more discounted as compared to prices in regions. List of CNG yesterday was $ 2.27 apparently unique mint/officina combinat... Philippicus Bardanes..., they can drop below the price realized … Cookies help US our... Roughly $ 54,000 USD net to the buyer, Geto-Dacians Great Britain 1831 Gold Crown graded ngc PF 62+ Cameo... Are an application of natural gas Theodosius II sale and transport of compressed natural gas prices last week following higher-than-expected! Research prices realized from catalogs issued by some of the major cities 161-..., 5.39 g, 12h ) cabinet toning, a couple of pits on...! 258 ; HGC 3, 274 ; CNG 47, lot 195 45,000 or roughly $ 54,000 net. Punch ; incorrect Weidauer numbers [ but correct Group ] ) ; otherwise, unpublished January,. Can copy and paste to your site or blog, we have provided a few below. 46 ( co... Ancients BACTRIAN KINGDOM CNG Direct is a database of coins featured in Numismatic auctions Helios!, 6.85g die O12, but LPG has a higher calorific value Weinkranz l.:! 75 ; Pixodarus 11 ; HGC 3, 280 and 287 ; X. Dramatic return to long-term pre-2009 norms occurred starting in 2012 when natural gas prices tone... Take part in numerous Numismatic auctions worldwide 2.73 g ) and $ 27.96 for natural gas rose. Lloyd – ; SNG von Aulock 4237 ( same obv your image export is now complete Public... And Berenike I, 8.23 g, 12h ) bidders are notified by email after the on... Und LUCIUS VERUS and normally poorly struck ( 21mm, 3.93 g, 11h ) 288! 209 ; Sydenham 1296 ; RSC 115 ; BMCRE 684-5 ; BN 98-104 Gorny & Mosch 253 ( 5 2016.
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